Build Your Own Boat Ramp
Eco Boat Ramps Inc.


NEWS UPDATE!  We have designed and tested a NEW method for adding traction to the Eco Ramp.

This new design is less expensive and is quite simple to install.  Information on this new design is

contained in the "Addendum to the Construction Manual".......September 2014

Two men can construct a 12 foot wide, 20 foot long boat ramp in ONE DAY.  NO CONCRETE.....NO HEAVY EQUIPMENT

Eco Boat Ramps Inc. has been building and installing CONCRETE boat ramps in North Central Florida since 2003. This site is an effort to bring the same level of expertise to the homeowner.  Our goal is to provide the information and critical materials to enable you to construct a lasting and attractive boat ramp for about 1/3 of the price of a concrete ramp.

This versatile design is less expensive than a concrete block boat ramp design and much easier to install than a concrete boat ramp.  With the build a boat ramp design you will be able to launch small boats as well as large boats (up to 5000 lbs)  with ease and safety.

We will provide you with the information and suggest materials to enable you to construct and install your own boat ramp.  You will not need heavy equipment.  The only tools you will need are a hammer, a Skil saw, a power drill, a post hole digger, a few other tools you probably have in your garage and our Construction Manual.  The boat ramp may be any width from 4 feet to 16 feet and any length.


Here's How It's Done

First, you purchase our boat ramp Construction Manual.  It will show you how to construct the ramp planks using pressure treated lumber and materials from your local Building Supply Store and others.  To find out more about pressure treated lumber and their chemicals go to:  

Your ramp plank will look like this:  (shown without traction methods)


Ramp Plank shown using 4 X 4 pressure treated lumber.

To find out the price and availability of 4 X 4 pressure treated lumber go to the link:  and in the search box enter item # 201596.


From the Construction Manual  you will learn how to provide traction for the ramp planks, fasten the planks together and form a continuous boat ramp.  We will show you how to position and place the boat ramp in the desired location, in the water (without using heavy equipment).


The Construction Manual

The Construction Manual has step-by-step instructions, illustrations, drawings and lists of local suppliers throughout the United States.  It is complete with a list of materials showing the manufacturer's part number and estimated price.  Direct links are provided to access these supplier sites via your computer.  

Add Traction to Your Ramp

Eco Boat Ramps Inc. has designed and tested a custom, metal, corrosion resistant galvanized Traction Mat.    You will learn how to make or purchase these mats and how to attach them to each ramp plank which will prevent wheel slip when launching or retrieving your boat.  Several other methods of preventing wheel slip are discussed with design details.

             See notice above regarding the new design for adding traction to the Eco Ramp.                                                     

                                          Sample Traction Mat Is Shown Below


Help During Construction

Included in the Construction Manual  is a phone number which provides direct access to our engineering and administrative staff.  You will have phone numbers,  a FAX number and a special e-mail account. 


Environmentally Safe

All parts and materials described in the Construction Manual are environmentally safe for direct FRESH water immersion.  This boat ramp is NOT designed for Salt Water applications.



When the instructions in the Construction Manual are followed and proper Site Selection recommendations are carried out, this type of boat ramp is expected to have a useful life of 10 to 25 years.



        There are 3 ways to purchase the Construction Manual 

1.  Purchase the 30 page  Construction Manual.   No need for downloads!     After your account has been verified we will send you an email with the Manual as an "attachment".  The attached file will be Microsoft WORD.  You will need Microsoft WORD, Microsoft OFFICE to open and save this file.  The file size is 3.5Mb.    If you do not have WORD or OFFICE select # 3 on the Catalog Page and we will print the manual and send it to you via USPS.
       You pay:  $39.95 plus tax if any.
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2.   Purchase the Construction Manual without e-mail.  We will mail the
        printed Manual to you via USPS.  When you purchase, select "shipping-USPS"

        (United States Postal Service) ONLY!  NOT shippable via UPS.       

      You pay:   $49.95 plus tax if any. Includes printing, shipping and handling.
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3.  Purchase the Construction Manual and pay by Money Order.  
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